The Los Angeles Dodgers, as we know them today, started out in Brooklyn in 1890 as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. After a couple of name changes, they were officially named the “Dodgers” in 1932, given the name due to the fact that fans in Brooklyn had to dodge the trolleys on a regular basis. The blue and white Dodgers quickly rose to success in the league, going to the world series 9 times before moving to Los Angeles in 1958. Led by Babe Ruth Award winner and World Series MVP, Larry Sherry, the Dodgers would not be denied World Series title in 1959, only their second season in Los Angeles. Due to this success, the Los Angeles Dodgers had Dodger Stadium built in 1962 where they have played ever since. Franchise accomplishments include five World Series championships in 9 World Series appearances, seven LCS appearances and ten division titles.

Past Seasons:
Defending their back to back NL West titles may be a little harder this season as the Dodgers are seemingly coming back to earth after two fantastic prior seasons. This season, the team is struggling to stay in the middle of the pack with both the Padres and the Giants with multi-game leads on the Boys in Blue. But the hitters on the team seemed to have recently woken up. Recently, in the city of brotherly love, the Dodgers ruffed up the Phillies 15-9. “We hope to give the pitching staff a little confidence and let them know their offense is clicking,” RF Andre Ethier said after the game. “At the same time, it gives us a little confidence, too.”

Look for your Dodgers to bounce back and work hard down the stretch to position themselves for another playoff run and an entry into the Fall Classic.

2009 Season

The 2009 LA Dodgers had all the pieces to get all the way to the World Series. They had strong pitching, Manny Ramirez and the love of the LA fans. Leading their division most of the season, the Dodgers finished out the year as NL West Champions with a record of 95-67.

The playoffs were a bit more difficult for the Dodgers as they took on the St. Louis Cardinals and dismissed them in a 3-0 sweep to win the NL West Pennant. They then went looking for revenge against their nemeses from the 2008 NLCS playoffs, the Philadelphia Phillies. But, much like last season, the Dodgers didn’t have an answer for the Phillies and again lost to them one game to four.

2008 Season

Despite a slow start this season, the Dodgers still stand at 2nd place in the National League West division with a 30-33 record. New manager Joe Torre looks to improve upon this record and push for a playoff run after missing the playoffs last year. The Los Angeles Dodgers are led by former rookie of the year Angel Berroa and former National League MVP Jeff Kent, but this team looks solid from all angles with expectations high for this season. Tickets are selling fast due to a combination of the Los Angeles venue and the success the team has had this season. The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the top teams in the league this season and are favored at least to make the playoffs, and perhaps even the World Series.

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